Hyper Toss, a game that delivers fun, laughter, and action for kids and adults! Watch our review.

We had a blast with Hyper Toss, the newest electronic game from Moose Toys. It really got my kids off the sofa & electronics for hours! This fast-paced, electronic quick catch ball game comes pre-set with four games:

– Memory Toss: Recall the sequence to be the Memory Master
– Hyper Toss: Be the fastest to make 15 catches
– Super Toss: Progress through levels and end with a super toss
– Freestyle: Fun play to unlock cool sound effects

See our full review: http://peachtreecity.macaronikid.com/article/1260223/mackid-review-have-a-blast-with-hyper-toss

Hyper Toss from Moose Toys is a sponsor of Macaroni Kid.

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