Little Johny and family are playing an exciting game in the meadows of their yard. Children dress up as juicy fruits, sings their attributes and makes others to guess the fruit they have dressed up as.
This kid’s learning video gives a clear clarity of the color, shape, texture, taste, and benefits of each fruit. Make your munchkin sing along with Johny, Dolly, and Chiya. Along with repeating the fruit names featured in this fruits songs for children, the kids will learn the attributes of the fruits as well!

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I’m a little strawberry
Tangy and soft
Small heart shaped
And bright red color
With a green leafy crown on my head
I’m very juicy and healthy too

Look at me am a strawberry
Berry berry am a strawberry

I’m a fresh crispy fruit
Called apple
Eat me every day
Keeps doctor away
Mommy calls Johnny ‘the apple of her eye’
Without me there can’t be an apple pie

Yummy yummy in red and green
And I’m a fruit that’s Curved long and thin
With a thick yellow or greeny skin
With my family in a bunch I grow
Can u tell me my name?
Oh I know you’re a banana
Na Na Na Na banana
Oh I know you’re a banana
Na Na Na Na banana

Next time you are peeling a banana, eating a strawberry or an apple- you know which song to sing! 🙂

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