You read that title right, here in the year 2022 I got my hands on an original 2016 MINT BNWT Toy Freddy plushie!!! (my inner nerd is screaming)

It’s been 2+ years now since the golden memory of me getting the Funko Toy Freddy plush! I had been constantly hunting online for it years prior and it’s definitely one of the rarest Funko Five Nights at Freddy’s plushies. Now here I am all this time later to fulfil my dream of having a flawless Toy Freddy plush in brand new condition. To make this even cooler, I’m talking the original, not the 2021 restock. GameStop sticker and all 😍

As I say in this video I know it may be rather strange for me to unbox what is essentially a duplicate but I’m telling ya, really starved for content at the moment. I’ve got a bunch ordered but it aint showing up. Thankfully tho, I’m getting a few of the Funko FNAF AR inverted plushies tomorrow (VR Toy Freddy and High Score Toy Chica). Again it’ll be another instance of me being one of the first to unbox and review them, really looking forward to that. Also to all you Poppy Playtime fans, you definitely wanna stick around for the next few weeks!!!

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