Here’s a short bit of footage of his first attempt at riding on two wheels. He’s been riding a quad bike since he turned 6 but now he’s 8 and a half and needed something a little taller. I got this from a store on ebay and their really cheap, something like 200 euro delivered and they are really well made. The engine is the same type you’ll find in all the 47/49cc minimoto’s although its the latest variation of it. it comes with a metal pull start, although i’ve never really had any problems with the plastic ones in the past. The pull start and the frame of the bike are coated in a crinkle finish paint thats supposed to be pretty good for rust protection, i’ll see how that works out in a few months though. i like the tethered cut off cord but they should maybe include a velcro band with it so it can be attached to the childs wrist or something. mine just has a clip on the end and sometimes i dont have anywhere to clip it to on the little fella. Disc brakes front and rear are pretty good. they lock up well but they are cable brakes rather than hydraulic so they will get softer over time and need a little adjusting.
The bike needs a little assembling straight out of the box but its nothing too serious really. Just dont bother with the “tool kit” they include with the bike. its the softest pile of shit ive ever come across. The rear wheel needed some adjusting before use as the chain was far too tight for it to move smoothly so that was the first task. Then there’s aligning the brake calipers which is pretty straight forward. There’s a pair of screws on each and adjusting them allows you to centre the caliper on the disc so its not rubbing without pulling the brake. The rear shock is attached at the top fixing but the lower one is left loose for packing. theres a bolt in it for securing it but i found i needed to add a pair of washers to the inner edges of the mount because the shock itself was a little too narrow for the frame. not using washers might have worked ok but it would have ment squeezing the mount out of shape a little, which i’d rarther not do.

Anyway, Hope you find the video and the description useful. Feel free to ask any questions. I’ve been running, building and repairing these bikes for a number of years and i plan to upload a few more videos on common problems and what to do about them.
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