A1Smart STEM Toy Lighting is first kind of fantastic intelligence development lights in global. Could develop Shape & Color Recognition, artistic cognitive, Logical & Spatial Thinking, Hand-eye Coordination, imagination and creativity. It is also good for the recovery of patients with depression.

It comes with one rechargeable host and six triangle-units. Under 30 soft and full colors, you can DIY build more than 20 lighting patterns. Such as: Sugar, Flower, Fish, Diamond, Rockets and so on. Easy to assemble, much fun for your life.

With Magnets and adhesive tape on the backside, A1 can put on your table, wall, CABINET, or refrigerator. It can supply lighting, also can decor your house. Use your imagination and hobby, it can place in your kid’s room, kitchen, living room and so on. Innovative and fashion.

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