The LOL OMG Swag family morning routine getting ready for a fun summer vacation day! Teenage lol sister has to take care of baby lol surprise! They go to the mall and go shopping. Mc Swag breaks the hello kitty vending machine! Neonlicious works at the mall and shows her bff all the new doll clothes. They see the popular girls Royal Bee and Lady Diva at the Barbie Mc Donalds Restaurant. They get invited to the ultimate beauty sleep over slumber party!

Toys Featured:
LOL OMG Dolls Lady Diva, Swag , Neonlicious and Royal Bee
with over 20+ Surprises
Barbie Mc Donalds drive thru playset
Barbie Shopping mall.

Barbie LOL Family Grocery Shopping – Forget Baby in The Supermarket ?

Barbie Doll LOL Family Supermarket Shopping – Is Baby Goldie Lost?

Barbie Doll Babysitting LOL Baby Goldie & Punk Boi Family