Hi I’m Joe.

I’m a UK reseller and in this video, I have included a selection of soft toys I have which I am currently selling on eBay.

Soft Toys, Plush, Plushies, Puppets can be easily sourced at Carboots, Charity Shops, Flea Markets – or in the US thrift stores and yard sales. Prices can vary from 0-£3 in most places, occasionally they will be more and sometimes it’s worth taking a risk.

I aim to find items which I recognise from TV Cartoons and movies growing up which have familiarity. I aim to buy soft toys which have a vintage, retro, classic appeal which may appeal to be collectible or characters from current movies which I think will continue popularity.

I avoid buying generic items, such as Mickey Mouse & Winnie The Pooh etc. The only exception is if they have a special outfit or themed as these are often limited edition and more sought after.

Top tips:

– Always check their bottoms – this is where the tag is and you can usually tell whether it’s a new or old, sometimes there might be a date or manufacturer.

– Buy what you know – if it’s a plush from your favourite cartoon buy it, it will most likely be worth more than you paid!

– Avoid Generic/Over populated characters unless they have a special feature/theme.

– Items with their original tag always can fetch higher prices.

– Always check condition to make sure it’s clean. I use wipes and febreze to make them smell nicer and keep them in clear sandwich style bags. I avoid washing them in washing machine as they get bubbly effect. I also sell them as used even if they have tags on.

– Finally always check SOLD listings on eBay to see how to price your item before listing. I prefer using buy it now, but auctions can work for some items. In the UK it will cost a minimum of £2.85 to post a soft toy 2nd Class via Royal Mail so you need to also consider this when pricing your item.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.

Sold a plush, or soft toy? Comment below with what you sold and how much, I’d love to hear other people’s stories.

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