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From the hit video game, Minecraft, come Creeper, Enderman, Baby Mooshroom, and Pig plush toys! These Overworld Mobs are fun for all ages! This this video, we show you three of the new Minecraft Plush toys. We have Enderman, Creeper, and Baby Mooshroom. Which of the plush toys to you like best?

You can find Minecraft Plush Mooshroom here: Minecraft 7-inch Baby Mooshroom Plush – Red –

You can find Minecraft Toy Plush Enderman here: Minecraft 7-inch Enderman Plush – Black Enderman – . He is made by JazWares, Inc.

You can find the minecraft plush toy Creeper here: Minecraft 7-inch Creeper Plush – Green Creeper: .

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