also a Teddy Talk with Adley and Mom!

Adley caught a Leprechaun!! St Patrick’s Day Morning Routine and GOLD TRAP ? —

Best Challenge Day Ever 935

Are you ready for the cutest challenge ever?! Jenny and Adley set up some family fun game for baby Niko, so see if given a baby toy and something he’s not supposed to have, which he’ll choose. awesome baby toys and books or cell phones, air pods, basically money. Which will he choose.

It’s then time for breakfast and the family’s morning routine. Adley pretend playing store, Niko cruising around in his walker, and Jenny taking care of them both as well as making breakfast for the family. What a superhero mom!!

We then have the return of the hugely popular Teddy Talks, where Jenny interviews Adley, giving us an exclusive look into her life. She shares the spot light with Niko, sharing the spot light with him. Such a good big sister. The girls then get ready for St. Patrick’s day by setting up a gold trap. Hopefully, in the morning, Adley will have caught a Leprechaun!!

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Adley caught a Leprechaun!! St Patrick’s Day Morning Routine and GOLD TRAP ? —
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