Yikes! Lucy’s Toy Hotel has a really bad problem with monsters! They’re taking over the pretend hotel and making a huge mess. Addy and Maya have to go to a different hotel while Miss Lucy and Bellhop Jason call in the Monster Busters to put everything back to normal. Will this silly Toy Hotel ever be the same again? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Music Credits:
Suburbs by Ryan Stubbs
A Dark Circus by Hawksilver
Ghoulish by Be Still the Earth
Mystery by Fantoms
909 by Shane Becker
Morning Song by Audio Blocks
Maverick by Dresden the Flamingo
Escaping Light by Aaron Sprinkle
Nobody Else by Luna Wave
Waken Your Heart by IDOLS
The Swimming Song by Be Still the Earth
Movin’ Along by Katrina Stone
Postal Piano by Shane Becker
Inspire by Bryant Lowry
They’re Real and Spooktacular by Ryan Stubbs