Morning routine for my baby doll american girl in her bedroom set. She wakes up and goes to the bathroom, has cereal for breakfast. cleans her room and makes her bed She takes a bath and puts on her school uniform, she also packs her backpack and ballet bag for after school activities. Sweet nice video for little girls to give them some ideas on how to plan their day in the morning using the loved american girl dolls. we use a lot of doll clothes and accessories to make the pretend play more fun. This dolls are perfect and age appropriate for kids. lets play with my dollhouse and pretend play our american girls morning.

American Girl Doll Bedroom Decor & Our Generation Accesories Haul for 18 inch Dolls

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Titi Toys and Dolls channel creates kid friendly fun videos for girls, for kids and small children with doll stories. Always upbeat and only showing child friendly themes . we Pretend play with Barbie, Chelsea, Skipper, Anna, Elsa, Annabelle, American girl, Baby doll Disney princesses , Distroller Toys Baby Alive make great parody and funny stories for happy kids and family fun.