Spy Gear Toys for 2014 http://www.DadDoes.Com We got a chance to get a preview of the new Spy Gear toys coming out in 2014. Spin Master has done a nice job of making the Spy Gear line’s technology impressive, while still keeping a decent level of imaginative play in the toys. Here is more information –

Update: Watch Our Full Review of the Spy Phone Cam –

This covert spy cam is disguised as a smart phone. Take photos and review them directly on screen! Or use the removable camera to catch suspects when you are not around by using the camera’s motion capture mode. The camera will take a photo whenever a motion is detected, allowing you to catch your suspect in the act! Re-attach the camera afterwards to see what you missed on the built-in screen. The camera can store up to 80 images! Get the surveillance you need with the Spy Gear Spy Phone Cam.
Ages 6+
Suggested Retail Price: $29.99
Available Fall 2014

UPDATE: Watch Our Full Review of the Spy Door Alarm –

Protect your room with an alarm that only you can unlock! Activate the alarm to secure your space. Using your key & passcode, only you can safely disarm! If someone opens the door, the magnetic connection is broken and the alarm will sound to warn you of an intruder! If you are not around, when you disarm the alarm later, it will blink & beep to let you know how many times your privacy was breached! Secure your space with the Spy Gear Door Alarm.
Age: 6+
Suggested Retail Price: $14.99 Available Fall 2014

UPDATE: Watch our full review of the Spy Dart Trap –

Catch you enemy by surprise with the motion- triggered dart trap!.Set-up the dart trap to protect your space or for a great laugh!. When a target walks past, they will trigger the sensor and the darts will launch 6ft into the air and catch them off-guard! You can place the trap on the ground or use the hook to hang it. Catch you enemy with the Spy Gear Dart Trap.
Age: 6+
Suggested Retail Price: $12.99 Available Fall 2014

Slip on a pair of these high-tech shades and record your surroundings. The hidden embedded camera will begin to record with a simple click of a button. The Spy Specs can take up to 2000+ photos or 15 minutes of video. The dark lenses hide your gaze as your survey the area and collect footage. Extract your data by connecting the included USB cable and uploading your data to a computer. Discover the hands free recording power of Spy Gear’s Spy Spec Video Glasses!
Ages 6+
Suggested Retail Price: $29.99
Available Spring 2014

Get the edge on high-tech surveillance with Field Agent Spy Pen! Capable of writing and recording audio, agents can pretend to take notes while covertly recording conversations. Playback your recordings to ensure you’ve captured the evidence you need. The next time you find yourself in blackout conditions, activate the red LED beam to illuminate your page. Gear up as you write, record and play back audio with the high-tech Field Agent Spy Pen from Spy Gear!
Ages 6+
Suggested Retail Price: $9.99
Available Spring 2014