We are unboxing new toys from walmart for kids. The new Jojo Siwa Toy collection. Kid in a candy store doll playset with miniature cupcakes, miniature gumball machine ,cash register , donuts and so much more, Unicorn Jojo siwa doll with glittery skirt and selfie stick.
My life as 18in doll vending machine with real coins and drinks sodas and water bottles. We also open 2 fashion packs for dolls a travel set and a jojo siwa dancing outfits with pjs, skirts, shoes and bows.
The travel set includes a travel bag, tooth brush , tooth paste and even cute headphones. These toys fit American Girl dolls, our generation girl from target and more 18in doll lines

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Barbie Jojo Siwa Doll Bedroom School Morning Routine – Titi Toys Dolls

Barbie Bedroom Jojo Siwa Doll Evening Routine – Dance Class & Study Play Date with Skipper

Barbie Jojo Siwa Kid in a Candy Store Doll Morning Routine