After all the great interest and orders we received for our instruments, we decided to dedicate a part of our old workshop just for making them. Hopefully this part of our business will continue to grow and expand. Area where I used to sand blast and was used as storage for our briquettes was repurposed. One wall was turned into spray booth with filters to level up the finishing. We also decided to invest in tools and machines we needed for the job and also in a new precise cnc . Robots are great for what we usually do, wooden structures, tables etc. but for extremely precise work, we had to step it up a little..
I hope You enjoyed this, a little bit different video! Tell me what you think about the lack of music:)
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Hmmm.. Where is the music ?!?

Intro music: Danse Macabre – No Violin by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (