This is a handcrafted children’s wooden toy puzzle that I had made in October 2015. It is made from Curl Maple & Burl Walnut hardwood.
It has detailed edging on the bow & stern
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Sealed w/ several coats of natural gloss finish for years of protection.
All corners are 1/4″ rounded for smooth contour and easy handling of puzzle pieces.

20 pieces.
It is made from Curly Maple & Burl Walnut. What a beautiful combination.

The Ark measures:
L = 11 1/2″
H = 11 1/2″
W = 5 1/2″

7 decks.

Animals (male & female)
* Zebra heads (non removable)
* Giraffes
* Sheep
* Cattle
* Tigers
* Penguins
* Ducklings
* Noah & Rainbow
* Dove w/ Olive Branch

Weight: (approx.)
4 lbs. 12 oz.

* High Gloss
* Child Safe
* Non-Toxic
This ark puzzle is a Philip Lowndes design
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (