Octi is an adorable little octopus who cares about your child and will help them develop fine motor skills through play. Get yours here – https://amzn.to/2px32lS

Laughing Kids Educational Plush Toy – The Best Early Learning Toy Available on Amazon

Created to prepare your toddler for preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school, Octi is the best new toy of the year. He has a bright, smiling face to encourage positive emotional growth. Laughing Kids are happy kids – Octi’s smiling face is designed to lead to kinder, happier children.

Raising a child is difficult, more so if it’s your first. There are a lot of resources and options when looking for that special friend to help your child learn – while passing the safety standards we expect as parents.

This is why we had Octi verified to pass all US safety standards. There are a lot of cheap options on the market that look great, but don’t hold up to the same standard we expect as parents.

Experts agree – it’s never too early to start learning

Octi’s unique grippy straps are designed to develop and strengthen your child’s fine motor skills. Your child will grow by playing – Octi is great to show how some objects can be taken apart and put back together.

Each colored strap can be mixed and matched – encouraging creativity with the large number of combinations. Octi is decorated with primary and other colors – red, yellow, blue, green, pink and orange – your little one will continue to learn and develop these skills while manipulating Octi’s multicolored straps. Early development of fine motor skills is important for increased dexterity later in life.

Kids who start learning from a young age are naturally more curious. This makes them WANT to learn shapes, the alphabet, numbers, counting, math, science and STEM subjects. Octi is great for autistic, special needs, and disabled children. Children who can’t communicate with language benefit greatly from sensory activities.

Makes a great birthday gift – for your child or a friends

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Amazon USA – https://amzn.to/2px32lS

LEARN THROUGH PLAY – Octi is not only cute, cuddly and soft, he is the perfect resource to help people and parents just like us teach our children to develop creativity and curiosity from a young age. Child developmental experts agree that babies, infants, and toddlers are more likely to become educated, lifelong learners by developing these basic skills and habits early in life.

COLORFUL, NEW, UNIQUE DESIGN IS SAFE FOR SMALL HANDS – Entertain and educate your child the smart way. Octi is the safest sensory activity toy available on Amazon. 8 visually stimulating colored hook and loop fasteners are sure to entertain and hold the attention of even the most hyperactive toddlers. Our unique design and soft fabric won’t pinch or hurt little fingers like similar products that use snap and click locking buckles.

ENCOURAGES COGNITIVE LEARNING AND HAND EYE COORDINATION – Octi’s bright colors, shapes, straps, and zipper pouch will provide countless hours of recognition activities, brain building games and development puzzles. Your little one will stay busy counting the number of straps, connecting them together, pulling them apart, and starting over again. Watch the happiness on their face as they hide their favorite treasure in the zip pouch, then unzip it later and get excited over their discovery!

PERFECT DISTRACTION TOOL FOR TRAVEL – Octi is great for traveling – whether by car, train, airplane, helicopter, boat, ocean or sea. Your little boy or girl will love to take him along on any journey or roadtrip (he can’t swim, but would love to go to space one day). Octi’s happy face and smiling mouth will provide engaging, IQ building entertainment to hold your lil ones attention the first time they fly in a plane, or while riding in your car – letting you focus on the drive without the worry.

FANTASTIC FOR WHEN MOM AND DAD NEED QUIET TIME – Octi is the perfect pal for parents on the go – great for trips to the zoo, grocery store, doctor, pediatrician, dentist, restaurants, or daycare. He’s very portable, so it’s easy to bring him along in a stroller, shopping cart, diaper bag, tote, or carry on luggage. Fasten your child into a seat or highchair and let Octi do the rest! He loves to play indoors and outdoors, so if he ever gets dirty he’s surface washable and easy to clean.