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If you love watching Disney Princess movies and Palace Pets episodes then you will love our surprise eggs toys unboxing video featuring the following 10 PRINCESSES and their palace pets toys: Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Cinderella, Rapunzel from Tangled, Snow White, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Jasmine from Aladdin, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, Ariel from the Little Mermaid and Tiana from the Princess and the Frog!

Give us a thumbs up if you want us to do a palace pets blind bags video! 🙂

Music: The song we used is called ‘C Major Prelude’ by Bach from YouTube Editor. There are lots more song to use for free there so check it out!


*PRINCESSES Dolls Playlist:

This playlist includes videos such as PRINCESS ELSA’s Birthday Party, Anna’s Dress, PRINCESSES’ Mermaid Adventure, Dolls Cake Competition and Barbie’s Day to name a few!

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This playlist includes:
-Star Wars, Spiderman, Minions, TMNT Weapons Surprise Egg Toys Unboxing
-Supergiant Big Hero 6 Egg with Baymax, Hiro and Rocket Toys!
-Giant PRINCESS ELSA and Anna Fairies Egg Opening
-Giant Minecraft Lego Egg With Enderman Toys – Egg!
-Giant Minecraft Lego Egg With Steve Toys – Good Egg!
-Giant Frozen Ballet Eggs with Elsa and Anna
-Supergiant Barbie Life in The Dreamhouse and Secret Door Dolls Toys Opening
-Supergiant Egg Unboxing
-Supergiant Disney Frozen Surprise Egg Unboxing
-Supergiant Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends Unboxing
-Supergiant Toy Story Surprise Egg Unboxing
-Supergiant Spiderman Surprise Egg Opening
-Lego And Marvel Hulk, Spiderman Egg Inside An Egg Unwrapping
-Supergiant Kinder Surprise Egg With , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT And Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Opening Unboxing!


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