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Opening Christmas Presents​​​ – Toys and more

Opening Christmas Presents !!!!!! Subscribe pls:http://www.youtube.com/user/coolpinsky Christmas is a magic time. A special time for everybody. Especially for children, because they are waiting for a lot of presents. And they love it. Sammie is always waiting for this day and we count each day until we reach the Christmas Day 🙂 Also, this year is very special for us. For Sammie this is second year he spend with all family: with grandmother and grandfather, with all aunties and uncles and cousins 🙂 And finally the presents time :)) Sammie was delighted when he saw a huge christmas tree with a lot of colorful presents under it :)) He couldn’t decided, what he should open as a first. So what did he get from Santa this year? Of course a set from Disney Infinity game 🙂 This set contains characters from Toy Story movie 🙂 Sammie was waiting for that a long long time. Finally he has it :))Beside he received something very good and healthy 🙂 He also got a puzzle from the “Bob the builder” theme. He really likes all kind of puzzle, so this gift is really good for him. In the same time Sammie’s cousins decided to check, if Santa didn’t forget about them 🙂 So Alicia received a big big Lego Duplo set. It is in pink color, so something especially for girls. Sammie also got one more Disney Infinity set, from “Cars” theme this time 🙂 he really liked it. And Santa didn’t forget about Angry Birds Go set. Sammie also got two books, nice stories about friendship. Sammie’s other cousin got a lovely butterfly dress. So so cute and sweet. What? Sammie again got a character from Disney Infinity game. From “Cars” again. Sammie is delighted 🙂 And this lovely My Little Pony toy is for Alicia. She is really happy, because she loves all the cute and colorful ponies. And this giant car is for Sammie again. The car is really cool, because it is with a controller, so he can drive wherever he wants 🙂 And now it is a time for the biggest present for Sammie. Sammie couldn’t open the plastic bag, so mammy helped him just a little bit with it. Inside of this big plastic bag was a …..bean bag with Angry Birds pictures on it. Wow, it is really cool. And what did Alicia got? Another butterfly dress? Yes, but this time in color pink 🙂 Klara got lovely music set from Peppa Pig theme. And a few books as well. And a Lego Duplo set with train. This set is very special, because it included 10 numbered bricks, so the child can learn, how to count while playing with Lego. Amazing idea !!! And the smallest Sammie’s cousin got a big car. This is so cool. It wasn’t in one piece, so uncle Chis had to assemble all parts together in one piece :). When every small and big present was open, all children started to play with their toys. That was really great time for all family. So this Christmas time was really very special for everyone 🙂 Marry Christmas to everyone !!!!

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