Spiderman vs Venom (Carnage/ Black Spiderman) Surprise Egg – Spiderman and Cars Egg Toys Opening + 1 Kinder Surprise Eggs Unboxing

Is this the coolest Spiderman Vs Venom Egg in the world ever?!!! Thumbs up if you agree!

In this surprise egg video we’ve decided to combine two of our passions: Spiderman and cars.

We love watching Spiderman cartoons and the Spiderman movies.

We also have loads of fun unboxing new Spiderman and Venom toys and playing with car toys both from the cars movie as well as hot wheels cars. Of course, we also love opening Kinder Surprise eggs so we thought “why not combine all the above to make a fantastic HD surprise egg video for children? combing in Spiderman, venom and cars?” The Spiderman and Venom Egg Surprise is filled with Spiderman and car toys as well as other cartoon character toys such as Sponge Bob!! We hope you like the end result and don’t forget to check out our Giant and Super Giant surprise eggs playlist for more!

The egg surprise includes:
– Transformers Watch
– Sponge Bob Treasure Chest Secret Stone
– Lightning McQueen Yoyo
– Hot Wheels Cars
– Moshi Monsters Karts
– Furby Boom Surprise Egg
– Kinder Surprise Egg

Music: The song we used is royalty free from YouTube Editor

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*In Spanish, En Español: ¡Huevo Sorpresa Del Hombre Araña Vs Venom + 1 Huevo Kinder Sorpresa!

*In Portuguese, Em Portugues: Ovo de Homem Aranha Vs Venom Brinquedos e Doces + 1 Kinder Surprise Ovo!

*In French, En Francais: Oeuf de L’Araignée Vs Venom Jouets et bonbons!

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