May girls who receive these wonderful gifts experience God’s love!

Franklin Graham wants us to send more toys in our shoeboxes and to the processing center. And that’s our aim! We want children to experience delight when opening their shoebox gifts. And may that delight cause them to feel a deep desire to know more about this Jesus who loves them. And may they receive Jesus as Lord and Savior!

Want to know more about OCC and packing great shoeboxes? Watch Yves Dushime’s story: From Hatred to Love on It’s the first video on the page of videos at His podcast with Kristi Graham is even more enthralling. His testimony underscores the importance of school supplies in a shoebox!

Are you interested in an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ? Believe in Jesus, admit you have sinned and ask him to forgive your sins. Trust Him and receive him as your Savior and Lord. Read all about God in the Bible, starting in Genesis with creation to understand God and sin and the punishment for sin. Also, read the New Testament to understand what Jesus did, so that we could have forgiveness and redemption from sin. The Bible reveals God’s plan for his children and the world. It tells us that Jesus will come soon for his children and we get to live forever with him!
We are blessed to have the Bible so we can know all about him.

I am very glad I can participate with Operation Christmas Child to bring the good news of Jesus and eternal life to the children around the world who have never heard about him. We are making a difference for eternity!

New to my channel? Watch the videos linked below to get ideas on how to make great OCC shoeboxes!
1. Video Title: How to Make a Great Operation Christmas Child Shoebox:
2. Video Title: Compare Two 10-14 Boy Soccer Ball Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child 2021 Let’s Get More In! :

What are the most important things to add to your shoeboxes?
Michelle and I agree Dolls and Plush are important.
Kristi Graham recommends several items after experiencing a recent distribution. She recommends backpacks, water bottles, and soccer balls.
Yves Dushime (see for a link to his video) recommends school supplies, a personal note and also soccer balls.
We’re trying to include all of those items in our shoeboxes this year!

Don’t forget to make Love Letters for all your shoeboxes AND fillers! We were inspired by Yves Dushime who praises God for the Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift he received when he was 11 years old living in Togo. It was the first gift he ever received, and God used it to help turn his heart from hatred to love. The note in his shoebox changed the course of his life!

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