last best day ever of the year! lets play games and have a party!!


Best Last 2019 Day Ever 1059

Happy New Years!! It’s New Years Eve and we are going to have an amazing time as a family tonight doing challenges and making an A for Adley video. But till then we wanted to relax and have fun as a family. What better way to do that, then to share with you guys some of Adley and Niko Bear’s favorite toys and games from Christmas.

Up to the ultimate toy room to play with Adley brand new Marble game. We learn how to best set it up so we can hit the jumps, the spins, and the all the tricks in the set. Jenny has never done one of these before, so it’s up to Adley and I to teach her and baby brother! After lots of drop tests of marbles we have a working marble run that is really cool. Now it’s time to play with one of Niko’s favorite toys, his little bumble bee car. The kiddos take turns riding it around and Jenny and I help them do spins and not run into walls lol.

We play new games with Niko’s new car track, Adley’s new Disney Frozen sled, and a new sports set that Niko got as a gift from some of our close friends. Out of nowhere, a snowball fight breaks out inside our house. Niko is getting Jenny and I and when we decide to get Adley she runs off, and we can’t find her. We play hide n seek for a minute looking all over for her. Till we finally find her downstairs!!

It’s now party time, we have balloons and poppers, noise makers and challenges. We give you guys a little bit of behind the scenes of this super fun Adley video and bring you guys with us as we celebrate the new year and bring in 2020 as a family!!

Hope everyone had a great New Years and can’t wait to have more fun and make more memories this year!!

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