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Plush Toys vs Reborn Baby


Hell yeah, a big YES to that, but then it becomes imperative for parents/guardians to choose the kind of toys which would have positive inputs on their love ones.

Some toys could depict Weaponry such as guns knives, slingshots which encourages violent plays and behaviors. others may include Action figures, Educational toys and Entertainment toys. By avoiding specific toys, you should be able to steer clear of aggression and violent behavior that you don’t want to see in your children.

Research has shown that plush toys stuff animals has high positive impact rates on toddlers and younger babies. some of which include;

As new babies, Plush (soft) baby toys provides comfort.

As Toddlers they begin to learn more about how to “take care” of their dolls, which teach them compassion and selflessness.

They improve their motor skills and social skills (it assists in teaching your child how to use their hands).

Begin utilizing their imaginations with Make-believe play.

Dressing, moving the doll around, etc causes the child’s motor skills to develop and improve dramatically.

Improve Child’s speech; as they work to talk to the doll. It gives practice for speech and communication skills

Dolls can teach them positive ways to interact socially.

For Pre-schoolers dolls further improves their social skills

Creating imaginary scenarios for their dolls, they have the ability to see beyond themselves, to understand the repercussions of actions, and to develop important strengths, like empathy for others

Also in school- dolls help children learn to share and again use their imagination.