Rain and thunder song for kids. Little Chiya is calling Johnny and Dolly to play out with their raincoats and boots on. They are stomping around the puddles, splashing pristine rainwater to their serene faces and making the most out of the rainy day! The downpour and glittery drops are beautifully illustrated in this 3D animation video! Surprise your munchkins with this monsoon edition fun 3D animation video, which indeed is a glorious visual feast!

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00:08 I hear thunder
01:52 hey this is mama shop
03:56 Hey what happened baby
06:46 Johnny’s Boo Boo song
09:31 I am a Blue balloon
11:41 Bingo song
14:20 I am a little strawberry
16:32 Here we go Looby loo
19:20 Its time to play with car
21:55 What color do you like my friend
24:30 Dinosaur Dinosaur
26:54 I am a music man
28:49 Train is coming
31:37 Inflatable toy
34:08 Unicorn toy
36:07 Its our bath time
38:41 Humpty Dumpty
40:33 Ringa Ringa song
42:24 Daisy Daisy Song
44:53 The wheels on the bus
48:34 Pizza Pizza i like Pizza
51:18 Johnny on a truck
54:15 Bits of paper lying on the floor
56:17 Lets Play with toy boat
58:41 Food food food

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