Unboxing 9 all new core & platinum Bakugan toys from Bakugan: Evolutions! Today’s toys are RARE – there’s diamond Bakugan, elemental Bakugan, and (the EVO RARE) PRISMA DRAGONOID. Thanks to @JettKuso for opening and reviewing these cool 2022 Bakugan: Evolutions Bakugan figures!

0:00 – Unboxing 9 NEW Bakugan: Evolutions toys!
0:37 – Unboxing and rolling out 5 Darkus Bakugan
2:02 – Platinum Wrath & Darkus Wrath Bakugan toy review
2:29 – Elemental Howlkor, Platinum Griswing & Darkus Griswing Bakugan toy review
3:22 – Neo Pegatrix Bakugan toy unboxing
4:16 – Neo Trox and Diamond Neo Trox Bakugan toy unboxing
5:51 – Haos Neo Dragonoid (Strength Mode Dragonoid) toy unboxing
7:06 – Pyrus Dragonoid Evo toy unboxing
8:48 – Prisma Dragonoid (Evo Rare) toy unboxing

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In Bakugan: Evolutions (Season 4), fan-favorite Bakugan heroes including (Drago, Trox, Pegatrix, Hydorous, Howlkor and Pharol) return stronger, faster and better than ever! Strange occurrences begin to happen in the new action-packed season; elemental energy from Vestroia is seeping into Earth, creating strange phenomena and causing Bakugan to rage out with excess energy! It’s not all bad though, as our heroes realize the Vestroian elemental energy is also causing elemental evolutions among our Bakugan! Along with these new evolutions comes a new breed of elemental brawlers, propelling the Awesome Brawlers to adapt and in effect, take Bakugan brawling to a whole new level, unlocking even more awesome powers and evolutions! Once again, the fate of two worlds, Earth and Vestroia, rests in the hands of the Awesome Brawlers and their Bakugan partners.

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