Battle Tanks infrared shooting game with two remote control tanks.

Set of two remote control battle tanks with infrared turrets. Each player drives their tank using the remote controllers, manoeuvring like a real tank would thanks to the caterpillar tracks that give the handling an authentic feel. Pull the trigger to fire the tank’s cannon, causing the RC vehicle to rock back with recoil. If the IR shot hits the other tank it also recoils and loses a life. Hit a tank four times to defeat it and trigger an explosion noise that knocks out the other player’s controls. The set includes two different tank designs: one with desert camouflage and a round turret, and the other with jungle camouflage and a square turret.

Key Features:
Infrared battle game
Includes two remote control tanks
Tanks recoil as they shoot
Shoot opposing tank four times to beat it
Authentic caterpillar track movement
Requires 8 x AAA batteries
Box 31cm wide
Age 5+ Years