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Remote control car racing simulator. It’s fast and fun, but don’t flip your car or it will break.
This game simulates racing a remote control car through hills, mountains, and desert sand dunes.
While racing over hills be sure to coast down the hill to pickup extra speed!
+ Three 10-Track Pack (30 tracks)
+ Vehicle race replay – race against your best time on each of the 30 race tracks.
+ Two balance control schemes: Vertical Slider or Tilt to Balance.
+ Car crash physics – car will explode if you jump of a hill and land upside down.
+ Leaderboards & Achievements with Game Center
+ When racing over hills, be sure to coast down the hill to pickup extra speed.
+ The touch control for balance vehicle controls enable you to control the car more precisely.
+ The tilt control for balance can add extra fun and a different challenge.

Heyalda mobile racing games are crushing it, with more than 10,000,000 downloads, over 1,200,000 hours of game play and as many as 2,000,000 player sessions per month!

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