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Do your like Robot car kids puzzles? Best Buddy Games brings a free kids puzzle game that provides lots of learning and joy to your kids! It is suited to children with Learning problems, vocabulary issues, pronunciation problems and needs for learning. It can be used as a learning tool.
Kids, and parents love Best Buddy Games Robot car kids puzzles that are full of interactivity and sounds that never lets your kid get bored. Besides being engaged, your kids will build vocabulary, memory, and cognitive skills while playing. This game is designed to be playable by you and your children together, so you can participate and bond with your children.
We also use professional voice with clear accurate pronunciation. When your child finishes a puzzle, he will be learning lots of knowledge about Robocar. Just drag the piece and place them over the puzzle.
Best Buddy Games with over 30 puzzles, arranged into 2 puzzle packs. The puzzles include core concepts of transportation and learning of basic knowledge about a vehicle.

Police and other robocar friends adventure climb the mountains rescue the lost strikers, can police and other super robot cars do the rescue mission it? let’s download and play the game to help police andother super robocar friends in order to run the rescue mission.
Robot Car Hill Racing – Car Climb game is the most addictive physics-based driving game, you can control your vehicle to climb up against unique environmental and challenges.
How to play :
– press the gas to run the robot car
-Press break to brake the robot car
– move gears to ” P = for parking mode “, ” R = to backward ” and ” D = to go forward ”
Control your robot car up the hill with the most realistic controls to deal with unique uphill and downhill environmental challenges. Get bonuses from tricks and collect coins to upgrade your robotcar and reach even further distances.

– control the game very easily
– robot cars are very stable when run
– the game is very smooth when run on your phone
– hd game display and very beautiful
– 4 levels of pack, mountains, snow, city and volcano
– player robot car very much more than one
– suitable for children to play
– fit to play when you feel bored
game robot car climbing police this is not the official game of police but just game made by fans and for fans of robot car climbing police hill racing.