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Masha finds strange toy hatching surprise mystery eggs hidden in leaves !

Hi friends! My name is Masha and this is my fun kids channel- ★ Masha Doodle! Subscribe and come along with me for all kinds of fun adventures!

Here you can watch kids videos like: unboxing toys, surprises, new toys, Water Toys, challenges, Vlogs, Games, Entertainment, Travel, Playgrounds, and much much more!

I love to watch and play with Masha and Bear, l.o.l. Surprise dolls, Dolls, Princess, Orbiz Balls, pool for children, smiggle, smiggle videos, smiggle supplies, roblox games, shopkins, unicorn toys, building toys, and more! I also love dancing and doing gymnastics!

My favorite cartoons are: Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty, Roblox, Smeshariki, Paw Patrol, unpacking eggs with surprise toys, and other developing cartoons for children. I will show you new toys, games, and entertainment!
My favorite youtuber is Miss Katy ♥︎ Can’t wait to have you join me ♥︎

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