Please watch this video as well if you need more help!
Sock Plush Sewing Techniques:

I discovered this tutorial from a Taiwanese crafting channel here I was amazed at how adorable and easy it was to make these professional-looking plushies! The original video is in Chinese, so I’ve translated everything into English and added some extra tips I encountered along the way.

There is very little sewing required compared to other plushie tutorials. With practise, you can easily make one bunny within an hour and I think these will sell very well at craft fairs. They’d also make fantastic gifts for birthdays or baby showers. I simply bought a cheap pack of socks from H&M and it’s enough to make 10-12 bunnies! Obviously, you can easily adapt the method to make bears, pandas, koalas or other animals.

Difficulty: EASY*

In this video I’m wearing:
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* This is easy compared to other plushie tutorials but you may need to practise a few times to get it perfect. On my first attempt, I forgot to reverse the sock so I ended up with an inside-out bunny. HURRDURR beginner’s mistake. I’ve listed a few other issues that I came across so you know what to watch out for:

1) Face shape looks wrong after stuffing
This is usually caused by drawing the ears too far away from the heel of the sock. When stuffed, the heel area needs to form the chin of the bunny. If the ears are too high up then the head loses its kawaii proportions. Another tip is to use a sock that is all one colour, or has minimal contrasting patterns. If a sock has really obvious heel and toe patches then the lines can also distort the face shape.

2) Body shape doesn’t look right
The stuffing technique is key to getting the best results. I realised I had to use a lot more wool than I imagined…you’d be amazed at how much can fit inside one sock! Also, each part (ears, head, body) needs to be stuffed in one go. If you try to add more wool afterwards then it will only end up lumpy.

3) Eyes are lopsided or too close together
It’s important to sew both eyes at the same time so they stay even. This also creates a small indentation which looks quite cute. If the toy might be given to babies or small children, it’s particularly important that the eyes are attached very firmly. And because the eyes get pulled together a bit, you should draw them 1-2 cm further apart when marking out the positions with pen.

4) Sock shape is difficult to draw on
Most socks are sold flattened lengthwise across the heel. For this tutorial, you need it flattened in the other direction. I pressed the socks under some heavy books for a few days so it was easier to draw and sew on.

Camera: JVC Everio
Software: iMovie 10.0.1
Sound: ASMR / Opening Music – “Last Kiss Goodnight” Kevin MacLeod (
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