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Welcome to Elsa’s Christmas 2020 .There will be a variety of surprises !

It’s the first day in Elsa’s home;

Minnie and Mickey set the desk within the splendid home on the hill.
They put the dishes and cutlery on the desk .
Shock, Breakfast is prepared : Milk, fruit juice, water and cookies made by Aunt Barbie. Shock, It additionally comes with glasses. Shock Shock

Yay that is a celebration.

Pluto,Daisy and Yoshi are additionally there.

It is so enjoyable seeing Pluto throwing events for his mates. Shock

It is evening time at Minnie’s home and Christmas is coming

Whereas all people’s sleeping Santa Claus is coming to carry presents to all of them.

Yay that is a celebration. It is Christmas time at Elsa’s.

Shock, They’re all invited over Minnie’s. Look there’s Uncle Toad, all of the Princesses, Good day Kitty, My Melody, Pompompurin, Lala and Kily, LOL
and our cousins Magnificence and the Beast.

How stunning Elsa’s home is.

Look how Daisy Duck is caring for a toddler LOL

What a enjoyable second, the cat is purring

They’re all completely happy and are celebrating Christmas, they’re all reunited for Christmas dinner

What a lovely atmopshere, they’re all completely happy.

On the subsequent episode they’re gonna open the presents and lots of different surprises

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