LENGTH: 5:09

1. Wide of children Dream Toys display
2. Close of Dream Toys 2007 sign
3. Pan of various toys on display
4. Wide of child and man dressed in costume
5. Mid of man in costume
6. Mid of man flying remote control helicopter
7. Various of remote control helicopter
8. SOUNDBITE: (english) Debbie Hartfield, Toy Retailers Association
“dream Toys is where the toy retailers choose the top twelve top toys for Christmas this year.”
9. Mid of Dr Who mask
10. Mid of child holding Dr Who mask
11. UPSOUND: (English) Matthew, 10
“basically you can press these buttons, down here, and it will do voices of the people in the programme, like this.”
12. Mid of child wearing mask
13. Various of man holding remote control dragonfly
14. Close of dragonfly in hand
15. Various of dragonfly flying
16. Close of remote control
17. Mid of child using computer
18. Close of child
19. Close of child’s hand
20. SOUNDBITE: (english) Jadie, 11
“you can change the outfits on the MP3 player, and its got a little Barbie girl, and you can plug it into your computer and go on And then you can change her bedroom, and you can change all her outfits, and meet new friends, and its really fun.”
21. Close up shot of dolls
22. Close up shot of base of doll with ‘Barbie girls’ logo and pan up to doll’s head
23. Close up shot of computer screen showing game
24. Mid shot of computer screen
25. SOUNDBITE: (English) Kersty Bullen, marketing manager, Mattel
“We’ve got a three prong safety approach so when a girl goes online her parent gets an e-mail to confirm that the child is allowed to play on the site. Also we have to confirm that the girls know each other in the real world before they can chat on the website as well, so they have to be real friends confirmed by the parents to make sure that it’s very safe for the children to play on there.”
26. Close up shot of game on screen
27. SOUNDBITE: (English) Debbie Hartford, Toy Retailers Association
“It’s a great accolade that their toy we think is going to be one of the top 12 and we think very hard about it, the Toy Retailers Association has been going for 50 years, so there’s a lot of experience when we choose these top 12.”
28. Close up shot of child dressed as a robot
29. Mid shot of child dressed as robot
30. Close up shot of toy robot
31. long shot of toy mechanical dinosaurs
32. Close up shot of mechanical dinosaur’s head roaring, pan down to his feet
33. Close up shot of hands working a remote control, pan up to mid shot of child
34. Long shot of children using remote controls
35. SOUNDBITE: (English) Sara Allen, public relations manager, Mattel
“you know luckily the recall happened in August and there were some products that slowed out coming through from the Far East but in fact that’s all been corrected now, so the only shortages will be where there’s more demand for the actual quantity for the toys that we’ve got.”
36. Close up shot of man’s head dressed as monster, pan out to man walking around.
37. Close up shot of hands holding rubik’s cube, pan up to mid shot of girl.
Children of all ages have flocked to see this year’s top toys according to the United Kingdom’s Toy Retailers’ Association.
On display were some of this year’s expected best-sellers in the run up to Christmas.
A list of this year’s top Christmas toys has been unveiled by the Toy Retailers’ Association (TRA) in London.
The Dream Dozen list is released annually.
This year’s event attracted children of all ages, who tried out some of the latest toys to hit the stores this year.
The event is also an opportunity for the toy industry to showcase some of their new ranges of toys.

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