Update 2019 – We opened a store! It is here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/struganki
In this video I walk you through my method of making Wooden Toys – from design to finish. To cut out the parts I use CNC router and describe in great detail double sided machining, which helps to make contour of the parts very clean and free from supports. As a result I get almost finished part right from my CNC! Then later I apply a bit of sanding to remove residual imperfections, paint parts if necessary, apply a couple of layers of beeswax with polishing at the end. Hope you’ll find some useful tips here, which you can use in your projects!

Using this method I get very high quality toys which look amazing and smell like honey 🙂

Link to the original video describing stock fixation: https://youtu.be/ub6PsY4cgwg

Photos of other toys: https://www.instagram.com/struganki/