This video showcases my 10 favorite Ever After High beds I’ve ever made for my daughter’s Ever After High dolls. To see all the Ever After High doll beds I’ve created: To subscribe to my channel:

As 2017 dawns, I thought it would be fun to look back on all the beds I’ve made (and remade) in 2016. Here are my top 10 favorite Ever After High beds created by Dolls, Toys, & Games Gal – primarily because, well, I AM Dolls, Toys, & Games Gal ;-). In case you guys would like to see how I made each of these doll beds, I’ve put all the links to each doll bed tutorial video below.

#10: Holly O’Hair Bed Remake. This is the video for my bed for Rapunzel’s daughter, the maiden sleeping atop a tower:

#9: Ashlynn Ella Bed Remake:–XARWIjsac. In this video, I show you how to make a doll bed for Cinderella’s daughter, who also loves nature and shoes.

#8: Daring Charming’s Doll Bed: For the handsome and vain Prince Daring Charming, I created a bed reminiscent of the Palace of Versailles in this video:

#7: Briar Beauty Bed Remake: In this remake of the doll bed for Sleeping Beauty’s daughter, I used silver Christmas brambles to give her the feeling of sleeping among a “Thicket of Thorns:”

#6: Duchess Swan Bed Remake: This ethereal-looking bed – all white and black and lavender – came out just how I wanted it to for the daughter of the Swan Queen. Here’s the video:

#5: Crystal Winter’s Doll bed: I spent hours making the icicles for this doll bed meant for the daughter of the Snow King and Queen to sleep in. See why it took me so long:

#4: Rosabella Beauty Bed Remake: Technically, I made this one in 2015, but it was November, so I give myself a pass. I like the Beauty & the Beast feeling of this doll bed, with its abundance of fabric roses:

#3: Jillian Beanstalk’s Bed: This is one of my favorite doll beds because of the profusion of greenery around the bed. To see how I made the perfect bed for the daughter of Jack:

#2: Apple White Bed Remake: For the future queen of Ever After, I had to come up with something extra luxurious and rich and special. This video shows how I remade Apple White’s doll bed into one that is befitting the most popular princess at Ever After High.

#1: Darling Charming Bed Remake: This was also a doll bed I made in 2015. Oops! But it remains my all-time favorite. I really went for the whole French, rococo, baroque, overly elaborate and ornamental look for Ever After High’s “perfect” princess:

Let me know which of my Ever After High doll beds are on your Top 10 List! And please, if you like this video, give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to my channel!