Top 10 Things to do in Tokyo Akihabara. A Tokyo Travel Guide through Akihabara streets to show you what to do in Tokyo Akihabara, where to go in Tokyo Akihabara and what to eat in Tokyo Akihabara from a local’s perspective. We’ll check out some maid cafes, manga, anime figures, cosplay and more.

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Top 10 Things to DO in Akihabara

0:53 – 1 Anime Shopping
Radio Kaikan
Animate Girls Station
Gamers Akihabra
Akiba Culture Zone

4:48 – 2. Cosplay
Crown Studio

5:37 – 3. Gyu Katsu Ich Ni San

7:07 – 4. Gachapon

7:58 – 5. Themed Cafes
Gundam Cafe
AKB48 Cafe
Rabbit Cafe
Maidreamin Cafe
Square Enix Cafe

10:01 – 6. Electronics
Yodobashi Camera
Random Electronic Parts
Bic Camera
Radio Center

12:39 – 7. Akiba Souvenirs
WakuWaku Toro
M’s Adult Store
Love Merci
Rare Mono

13:58 – 8. Chabara

1515: – 9. Weird Vending Machines

16:25 – 10. Shimonya Yakitori

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