Come shop with 8 year old YouTube Star, Lara, as she reveals her her Top Christmas Toys 2018 Wishlist. Lara , from Lara’s Adventures Channel, is counting down the 10 best toys of 2018. Hopefully, Santa is watching because Lara has been extra good this year. She promises! What are the top toys for Christmas 2018 on her list? Can you guess what her most wanted Christmas toy of 2018? Stay tuned to the end to see what Lara’s most wished for item is. It is sure to surprise you!

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Disclaimer: This is a Christmas Wishlist. Lara doesn’t expect to receive anything on her list. It’s for Santa!

►1. LOL Surprise Pets ► ► LOL Pets are one of the top toys of 2018. Lara is looking for LOL Surprise Pets, which is the first item on her Christmas Wishlist 2018. These have seven surprises inside and she likes pets.

►2. Pomsies ► ► The second item on her wishlist is Pomsies, which is one of the hottest toys for Christmas 2018. Lara likes them because they are cats. They are so cute, cuddly, and interactive. You can also wear them around your wrist. They dance too.

►3. Twisty Petz ► ► The 3rd thing on her Christmas 2018 list is Twisty Petz. She is looking for Frilly Kitty, because she loves cats. She likes Twisty Petz because you can turn them into a bracelet.

►4. P00psie Slime Surprise ► ► Lara is looking for P00psie Slime Surprise but they don’t have it in the store. She likes it because when you unroll the toilet paper roll, you can find surprises hidden inside and you can mix the slimes together well . . . unicorn p00p.

►5. Pikmi Pops Surprise! Pikmi Flips ► ► They are giant. She is really hoping to get one. She wants the big one because she loves the small one so much. They are so fuzzy and cozy and they smell really good. She also loves them because you can flip them inside out. You see how it is in a ball. You can flip it inside out to turn it into an animal. Watch Jazlyn reveal a surprise pick.

►6. Shimmeez ► ► Shimmeez has reversible sequins, which is why Lara likes them. She is purple and when you rub her she turns green.

►7. Hatchimals Mystery ► ► Lara loves Hatchimals and mysteries so Hatchimals Mystery would be perfect for her. You can hatch one of 4 mystery creatures.

►8. Crayola Masterworks ► ► Lara likes it because she loves coloring, drawing, and doing all sorts of crafts. It all comes in one giant suitcase that Lara can barely lift. Let’s put it down.

►9. iPad Mini 4 ► ► It’s a wishlist so Lara is wishing for iPad Mini 4. It’s smaller than iPad. It’s cheaper than iPad and there are thousands of free and paid games. She couldn’t find the iPad Mini at the store. She was also thinking about Nintendo Switch (► ►). They didn’t have the iPad but they did have the Nintendo Switch.

►10. Lara is really happy that everybody waited to watch the video till the end so she could share her most wished for item. Drumroll please . . . It’s a real life kitten. She has been wishing for a kitten for as long as she can remember. Now that she is 8 she thinks she is old enough to take care of one.

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