When it comes to the top Christmas toys of the season, you’ll be able to find several top toys lists for the year online quite easily like on the popular toy stores and online retailers. But, for those that want ideas for classic and timeless toys for kids and babies from toddler to older kids, there are always some great options that will be excellent gifts no matter what year or what the hottest toys are.

For boys and girls, there are many things that deal with pretend play in different categories that will spark their interest and keep them entertained for hours as the make believe they’re somewhere else. Traditionally, boys love cars and trucks while girls love dolls, doll houses and dress up trunks with girly clothes. But, these days, kids are kids and love everything that keeps their minds full of imagination and wonder. From home cooking sets to educational and learning toys to building and construction toys, there are so many choices for gift-givers than ever before. Also, with the advent of tablets and computers, even learning games and apps can be gifted to the littles who have their own digital devices like Apple ipad, Kindle and Android tablets.

In this video, only some of the best kids toys are shown that would make great Christmas presents. Matchbox cars, fire trucks, garbage trucks, farm tractors are some popular vehicles to think about. From small to large, they’ll love pushing these around in their make believe cities. Wooden toys are great, too. For the little ones, they’re safe and organic so just in case they put them in their mouths, you don’t have to worry about harmful plastics. Plush stuffed animals and dolls are always at the top of lists because they’re cute and toddlers love them to carry around as their buddies and sleep with them. Toy soldiers, kitchen sets, cash register toys and more can be found every year as mainstays as top Christmas toys for children of all ages.

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