SUBSCRiBE & “Ring the Bell” ► – Fishing Hack – I am combining two of my favourite hobbies – Radio Control Boats, and Fishing! Today I’m out with my modified RC Jet Boat, and I have added a special piece to it. A FiSHiNG RiG! I have a Line, Rod and Reel (Capo Winch) setup on the rear of the StreamlineRC Thrasher XT that I have had for the last year. This boat has a ton of power, and no external prop – so I figured it was a good candidate for a fishing boat. As it site – the dry weight of the boat – (after my mods, and with battery in) is about 7 pounds. The 6s Lipo (22.2v) gives this jet system plenty of thrust – and today I put it to the test

I am fishing for Pike at a local lake in my province of Alberta. The lake I am at is Chestermere. This is as large as the Pike get here and I was hoping to catch one! Well.. catch one I did.. It may not have been the largest fish I have ever caught – but in scale size – IT’S A WHALE! My boat had plenty of buoyancy and plenty of jam to get it to shore. I’m sure I could catch one even larger in the future videos! I was fishing with minnows – and those Pike love to chomp down on them. I think a MORNiNG video should be done.. instead of afternoon. The biting will be better for certain…

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For MORE information about the Streamline RC “Thrasher XT” please visit their website for more details:

Here are some specs on a stock boat:

“Built upon the Thrasher , one of the most versatile and rugged RC boats in the world, Thrasher XT’s Patent Pending Jet Pump Technology with a 2000W brushless motor and 160amp peak ESC gives you performance out of the box with a long list of upgrade opportunities currently available and more on the way. Thrasher XT is capable of running on Lipo batteries from 2s to 6s right out of the box. Thrasher XT builds upon a standard Thrasher rugged jet boat with self righting capability and adds the following factory installed upgrades: sponson fin kit, Billet Aluminum Alloy Impeller, and Thrasher’s exclusive all time vacuum bilge system. Units include a modified FlySky radio system with our exclusive waterproof receiver.”

If you are interested in buying a fishing setup ( that I found on Amazon) here is a link for ANY BOAT:

Also, if you are looking for less expensive option for RC fishing – check out this link:

Enjoy, my fellow RC ADVENTURiSTS!

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