TOY THIEF OPENS OUR LOL DOLLS!! LOL SURPRISE SERIES 4 | Episode 3: HUNT for Game Master Welcome to Up and Play. In Episode 2 a TOY THIEF took our FULL CASE OF LOL SURPRISE SERIES 4 UNDER WRAPS. All of our NEW LOL BIG SISTERS are missing!! In todays video: Episode 3 we are asking the Secret Agent for help to track down the Toy Thief and our LOL SURPRISE DOLLS!

If you haven’t seen part 1 of this series you will want to click right here and get caught up!

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Its been really crazy! So much has happened. First an LOL SURPRISE Secret agent came to our house and wanted to give us a MYSTERY PACKAGE. He sent us on an LOL SCAVENGER HUNT and we had to explore different places and solve a bunch of clues & secret messages.

We worked together and found the full case of SERIES 4 LOL SURPRISE DOLLS in a mystery box in an ABANDONED FOREST! We escaped the abandoned forest with the mystery case but before we could make it home they went missing! We had the full case of dolls and were about to put them in the car and drive away when someone pulled up and asked for directions! He had the most amazing LOL SURPRISE bag, a really big & bushy mustache & was wearing socks with sandles!! Yes socks with sandles!!( LOL) He was super sneaky & when I wasn’t looking the mystery box of LOL SURPRISE SERIES 4 EYE SPY DOLLS went missing!! All except one doll that he must have dropped!

So we went home to figure out what to do next. Olivia thought it was best that we try and get ahold of the LOL SURPRISE secret agent to help us track down our full case of LOL SURPRISE SERIES 4 under wraps BIG SISTER dolls.

While mommy and Olivia were unboxing the 1 L.O.L. Surprise doll that we did have Eva discovered the agent left his address on the pearl surprise. He had it hidden and we just needed to use the LOL SURPRISE DECODER glasses to see it. GREAT JOB EVA!!

These new LOL SURPRISE SERIES 4 EYE SPY DOLLS are so cool & there are so many dolls to collect.

So now we are off to the LOL SURPRISE SECRETS Agents house to see if he can help us track down our full case of the LOL SURPRISE series 4 dolls. Do you think he can help us fnd it? Comment down below YES or NO!! At the end of the video the TOY THIEF sends us a message stay tuned to see what it said!!


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Up and Play…Errday!!!!!


In L.O.L Surprise! Series 4 Wave 1 there are 12 dolls to collect:
Bling Queen
As If Baby
The Great baby
Big City B.B
Kansas Q.T.
Drag Racer
Caddy Cutie
Soul Babe
80’s B.B
Pop Heart

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