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Unboxing More Bananas Bunch Toys

Slime Sam and his friend Sue really enjoyed unboxing cute Bananas Bunch toys last time! https://youtu.be/tRTqzjnOqzU

So, Sue prepared even more bananas to unbox as a treat to Sam for 2 million subscribers! Thank you so much for being a part of our family, everyone!

Do you know what Bananas Bunch are? They are the cutest toys ever! Under all the plastic wrapping you will find the brightest and the most delicious-smelling bananas – pink, blue, purple and more amazing colors. Peal the front of the banana and take out three blind bags. One bag holds an adorable fantasy animal – a crushie! Sue and Sam love these adorable creatures, they are so squishy, and with the funniest expressions on their faces! Sue ticks off each one of them in the collectors guide to make sure they get the whole collection. Each animal has a BFF, so look out for them! In another blind bag you’ll find a vine with a leaf, where you can place your crushie and swing it! These vines come in different colors and you can easily connect them. And the third blind bag has two mini squishy friends for your crushie and shiny gemstone stickers to decorate your crushie the way you want. Don’t forget the cute sticker with the image of the crushie!

These bright bananas can be used as a charm you can hang onto your bag or your keys and place anything you want inside it. They are resealable. Have fun!

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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