?Unboxing NEW Poopsie Slime Kits!? Unicorns, Surprises, Glitter and more!?

Slime Sam and his pet humans LOVE LOVE LOVE all kinds of slime! They know everything about how to make slime at home and now it’s time for unpacking some store bought slime kits. Poopsie slime making kits are sold in bright colorful boxes and are so much fun to unpack! All slime ingredients are packed separately in small pearl bags. There’s always an element of surprise because you never know what fragrance and color you are going to get!

Each set for making Poopsie Surprise Slime includes:

?unicorn magic

?unicorn food

?unicorn sparkle

?unicorn shimmer

?golden or silver unicorn spoon

?collector’s sheet

?teeny-tiny cup for measuring water

?cute bottle for mixing the ingredients

?impossibly awesome keychain looking like a rainbow ? for carrying your magical unicorn slime around!

Bottles and keychains are collectible! Each character is super duper cute and has their own personality! Collect them all!

0:10 – Poopsie Toilet Rolls

This Poopsie of a regular size includes 10 magical surprises!

13:35 – Giant Poopsie Box and a Unicorn Doll

This box has many surprises but the best of all A GIANT UNICORN DOLL WITH GORGEOUS RAINBOW HAIR! You can brush and style its hair, feed your pretty unicorn and let it use a glitter ?!

28:26 – Poopsie Surprise Slime Kit (Pooey Puitton)

This purse filled with slime ingredients and surprises is the king of all Poopsie products! It has a very unique design that will definitely draw some attention.

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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