SLIME REVIEW OF THE YEAR WITH SLIME SAM!?? Can you count how many slimes we made? SO SLIME DIY kits in one slime ASMR video!? Make and play!⭐️

Do you like slime as much as Sue likes slime? She likes it so much that she got herself a pet slime Sam! But this video is not about him. In this video, Sue will be unboxing her favorite slime making kits SO SLIME DIY and ULTIMATE UNICORN SLIME KIT. These kits will make forget about tinkering with hot glue and borax at home because they are so easy and the perfect slime is guaranteed every time! No more wasted products, dirty dishes, and rubber slime fails, it’s time to

make slime the right way!

Are you ready for this awesome ASMR slime review? Let’s go! And you better find some kind of a squishy or an anti-stress toy because watching Sue making and playing with all these slimes will make your hands itch!

ULTIMATE UNICORN SLIME KIT includes many fun finds: a bottle with glue, a bottle with a borax activator that needs to be combined with water, foam bids, Dasio style clay, color pigments, flake glitter and snow powder, amazing scents, cutting and mixing tools, a helpful container to keep your slime fresh. You can make OVER 100 DIFFERENT SLIME COMBINATIONS with this kit! Imagine the possibilities!!!

SO SLIME DIY caddy contains even more amazing slime ingredients! And it also has surprise figures inside, so it’s two in one, one of those surprise toys in blind bags kind of thing PLUS you get to make a lot of slime! In this super fun box you can find slime ingredients, three slime shaker containers, slime powder, glitter, confetti and so much more! This kit will help you make rainbow or unicorn slime, glitter slime, neon slime or metallic slime. And do you know what we like to do after all these fun unpacking videos? MIX ALL THE SLIME TOGETHER AND GET A GIANT UNICORN SLIME TO PLAY WITH! Try it and thank us later!

Any slime lover will be thrilled to get any of these kits as a gift. Surprise someone special in your life with this absolutely awesome slime making kit, all ingredients in one box! Give it as gift for a birthday or save it for Christmas, it’ll be a win either way!



This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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