If there are anything kids crave after their favorite sweet savories, it’s the Magic! This 3D animation video for kids features a brilliantly colorful magical being – a Unicorn! The magical unicorn who comes alive on swirling the magical wand will delight your little ones, just like how it stunned Johny and Dolly.

The adorable unicorn takes them on a sky-ride, paints, and bounces with them. Johny and Dolly enjoy bathing and combing their new friend. This fluffy unicorn will definitely put a smile on your little one’s face! Play this Unicorn animation video to them and be ready to them dancing and giggling all through the song!.

Visit our channel/website for more such engaging/educational 3D animation videos! We will do our best to make your life as a parent, an easy one! We strive to instill good habits, creativity and moral foundations in children, using the most entertaining 3D animation medium. Check out this space for more surprises!


Unicorn toy unicorn toy
I got a fluffy unicorn toy
With a swirly magical horn
And angel like wing on it

Let’s play together
Play together
Let’s play with poppy and kitty
Let’s bounce together
Bounce together
Let’s bounce with Johnny and teddy

Let’s paint together
Paint together
Rainbow with the magical horn
And in the tub
With bubble bath bombs
Splash splash and rub rub rub

You’re fluffy you’re so sweet
Sparkly and rainbowy
I’ll comb your hair for you
And l’ll take care of you

And in the night
Let’s have a ride
To the magical worlds far away
And slide down through the rainbow

Oh unicorn unicorn my unicorn

Enjoy the video!

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