A cold rainy day. Sue and Sam are sitting at home, drinking hot cocoa and keeping themselves warm. Suddenly, there’s loud thunder. Sam is shivering. He’s a bit scared of thunderstorms. But then comes another sound – someone rings the door bell, and when Sue looks out, she finds a basket and someone fluffy and dirty inside. She takes the poor creature in. It looks familiar. Not long ago she found a similar little guy in the park. https://youtu.be/5-VOqzY00ek Only that one was blue. And this one is pink. Sam thinks that there must be something wrong with it and gives the creature a thorough check-up.

Sue washes the dirt away and finds two adorable ears, a cute black nose, and lovely paws. It turns out to be a fluffy doggy! Sue dries the doggy up, brushes its hair and puts on a lovely hair clip and a collar. The doggy seems happy. It becomes even happier when it meets its blue-colored friend. That deserves a tea party! And slime Sam isn’t afraid of thunder anymore. Because thunders can bring very pleasant surprises.

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