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What I got For Christmas for KIDS! Best Toddler Toys Gift Guide 2017 LOL Big Surprise

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What I got For Christmas for KIDS! Tiffany Taylor Best Toddler Toys Gift Guide 2017 LOL Big Surprise Toy review First Impressions

Hi friends! Tiffany Taylor Kid Adventures is so excited to share with you what she got for Christmas for kids and toddler girls! This is one of our favorite videos to watch on youtube this time of year so we thought we would share with all of you what Tiffany got. I (the mom) always teach and remind Tiffany that Christmas is not about the gifts. Tiffany is so grateful for all the gifts she received from family and friends, it is such a blessing, but the true meaning of Christmas is to be with your loved ones and eat a lot of candy and cookies! We wanted to make this video as a form of Tiffany’s ultimate gift guide and toy review/ first impressions for girls, kids and toddler birthday gift ideas! These toys were a huge hit and have high ratings on amazon! If you don’t know what to get and need gift ideas then this video is for you! So if you get any of these to give as a gift, it will be the BEST gift and a sure hit!
Also we wanted to make this What I got for Christmas Video to take the chance to thank and give a special shout out to Natalie and Luna carrot youtube channel! They always do the best giveaways and we were fortunate enough to win the LOL Surprise Doll Big Surprise Giveaway! So go check out their channel!
So for this video Tiffany chose to show you only her top favorite gifts! Most of these can be easily found on Amazon! Here are the full details on each item.
Tiffany Taylor Kid Adventures we normally do DIY’s and Exercises for kids but we will be starting a toy review unboxing series. As a mom I like to really do research before I buy anything especially toys! So keep a look out for these videos!
1. H&M Kids Active Wear Active Squad outfit- The pink active wear Tiffany wears in her workout videos is NOT the best quality and it’s already starting to pill. I saw this one at H&M kids and the quality feels so good! They were on sale but I think still think they are pretty pricey. They were selling out FAST so I am guessing these are worth the splurge!
2. Learning Resources Pretend Play Doctor Set – Ok we have been through so many of these sets! Nothing lasts! This one got so many good reviews on Amazon we decided to give it a try!
3. Moana Disney Doll- Tiffany is such a Moana fan and was so happy when she saw this! It is a simple Doll doesn’t sing but comes with a cute hair accessories they can both share
4. Melisa & Doug Wooden Cookie Set- read so many good reviews on this one!
5. Huge Rainbow Plush Poop Emoji- I got this one at Justice kids clothing store. Amazon sells poop emojis but from the pictures do NOT look nice quality. This one original is $30 but I got in on sale for $15 and she loved it! So far liked to use it to lean back on when she is sitting.
6. Little Helper Casdon Dyson ball Vacuum Cleaner Toy for Kids- Tiffany loves helping me vacuum with my vacuum so she really wanted one for herself! She was so happy to see this toy vacuum! There are so many different kinds but this one had good reviews.
7. LOL Surprise Doll Lil Sisters- These are so trendy right now you can’t go wrong!
8. LOL Surprise Big Surprise Gold Ball 50 surprises!- When I won this giveaway I didn’t tell Tiffany. I waited until Christmas and when she opened it she went crazy!
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